The Camp Bob Waldorf program and facility are constantly growing to enable our staff to provide the strongest experiences possible. Projects we commission are rooted in the needs of our campers and reflect both the vision and generosity of our many supporters.

To learn more or become involved with our projects, please contact Cari Uslan. Projects in our cue include:

Cabin Renovations

Help us upgrade our cabins to guarantee the comfort of our campers. Renovations include new bunk beds, new dressers, paint, and carpeting.

First renovation schedule for Spring 2018!

Fundraising Goal: $325,000 ($25,000 per cabin, 13 cabins)

Tree Grove

Trees around camp produce fresh air, provide needed shade during the summer months, and increase the beauty of the camp environment.

Fundraising Goal: $30,000

Staff Complex

The success of our camp programs is the direct result of the talents, hard work, and presence of our staff community. In order to strengthen our program and fulfill our commitment to innovation and safety we need to expand our staff and create space for them to live and work. A new staff complex will increase our housing capacity and provide a space for staff members to congregate and work collaboratively.

Fundraising Goal: $50,000