Camp Bob Waldorf

Witherbee 1The Witherbee Wilderness Camp is a unique opportunity for returning campers ages 14-17 to experience camp in a whole new way! Offered in partnership with Outward Bound, this ten day program features a five or seven-day backpacking trip combined with time at camp, and is both physically challenging and incredibly rewarding. Participants will backpack through beautiful landscapes such as Big Basin Redwoods State Park and the High Sierras, setting up their own campsites and making their own food along the way. There is no electricity, no electronics, no plumbing…just the participants, their guides, and the great outdoors! Campers will spend time at camp before embarking on their backpacking adventure to prepare for the trip, and will return to camp after their trip to debrief and participate in classic camp activities!

This program is physically challenging, including hiking across mountainous terrain and significant changes in elevation. Participants will be carrying 30-40 pounds of equipment and supplies in backpacks, and will live outdoors in tents. All backpacking equipment, including hiking boots but not including the participant’s own clothing, will be provided by Outward Bound! Upon completion of this program, participants will become eligible to apply for the Arnold S. Nelson College Scholarship upon high school graduation!


About Outward Bound

For over 50 years Outward Bound has been providing the highest quality outdoor education programs. Their proven experiential learning concepts and rigorous safety standards make each program an opportunity for growth, impact, and transformation. Each Outward Bound program incorporates innovative design principles that lead to outcomes in character development, leadership and community service. All programs are facilitated by highly trained, dedicated, and compassionate instructors who create authentic connections with their participants and have years of experience and first aid training.