About Working at Camp

Camp Bob Waldorf on the Max Straus Campus is always looking for motivated, responsible, energetic and compassionate people with an interest in working at summer camp. Not only will you be part of making a child’s summer unforgettable, but you too can experience the best summer of your life!

We offer a variety of staff positions, ranging from volunteer Counselors-in-Training, Cabin counselors, specialty staff, and Leadership staff. CIT’s and Cabin Staff live in a cabin of 10 campers and 1-2 other staff members, and spend the majority of the day experiencing camp activities as a cabin group. Specialty staff are trained and experienced in different areas of camp activities and are expected to create and lead their program areas daily. Specialty areas include archery, pool, art, ropes, nature, horses, ranch, and sports. Leadership staff members include the CIT director and three Head Counselors. Each Head Counselor is responsible for an age unit, and the counselors within it. Head Counselors not only oversee their assigned counselors and cabins, but also all evening programming for that age. While each position at camp has specific responsibilities, our camp staff works as one cohesive team to make camp run every day!

Days at camp are long, beginning around 7:50 AM and ending around Midnight, but you are given an hour off each day, a night or two off a week, and a full 24-hours off each week to allow you time to rest and recharge. These periods off give staff time to check e-mails, make phone calls, get some much needed rest, and to explore all that our wonderful Los Angeles location has to offer! While working at camp is not an easy job, the experience will leave you with a unique skill set, memories, and friends that will last a lifetime.

Camp Bob Waldorf on the Max Straus Campus is made up of a dynamic group of individuals, all motivated by one common goal: to give our campers the best experience possible.

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